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My name is ashequka A.K.A "SHEQ". 

I'm passionate about helping people pursue their dreams and reach their goals no matter what trials, circumstances or challenges they may face.

I grew up on the northside of Columbus the Linden area to be specific.I always knew that my purpose in life would be along the lines of helping others. In 2018 my life changed forever. I was pregnant and the doctors weren't sure if my son would make it. Long story short I kept my faith and my son Jakobi is almost 2 years old. I was inspired to write a children's book while he was in the hospital. March of 2020 I released Jakobi and Me. You may notice that I spelled dreams with J. The J represents Jakobi because he is everything I dreamed of and nothing like the doctors said he would be. I was inspired to create a publishing company that would help women be able to tell their stories. So many times we don't know where to start. Inspiring Jreams Publishing is here to make that dream of writing a book into a reality. And remember, don't just Jream it real life it.



Jakobi and Me is a book about a baby with special needs and an awesome big brother named Ameir. Ameir knows Jakobi is different and he knows people will have questions. He guides you through Jakobi's diferences and at the same tells you Jakobi is just like any other baby.

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